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Evaluating QBs: Why Not Wins?

Full disclosure: I’m a Peyton Manning fan. If you can’t get past that, stop reading now. Still there? Good, welcome. Following the Broncos recent loss to the Ravens (and the subsequent Patriots loss), there has been a new wave of … Continue reading

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Quick Slant: QBR versus Current Metrics

Neil Paine over at the PFR blog wrote basically what I was going to follow up with  (albeit much better than I would have). I just wanted to add in a couple other correlations with current metrics that I looked … Continue reading

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An Assessment of Total Quarterback Rating

Earlier today, ESPN released (some) details of their brand new rating system for quarterbacks dubbed Total Quarterback Rating, or Total QBR (or even further abbreviated, just QBR), aimed at replacing the popular yet flawed Passer Rating. So what is it? … Continue reading

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