Conference Tournaments 2018 – Final Results

Before I get to this year’s predictions, I realized I never posted last year’s final results, but my predictions did pull out the victory, narrowly holding off a strong TeamRankings run. KenPom finished 3rd.

That gives two victories apiece for myself and TR, with KenPom having one victory. Full results (PTM are my own predictions):

  • 2013: (1) TR, (2) KP, (3) PTM
  • 2014: no contest
  • 2015: (1) TR, (2) KP, (3) PTM
  • 2016: (1) PTM, (2) TR, (3) KP
  • 2017: (1) KP, (2) TR, (3) KP
  • 2018: (1) PTM, (2) TR, (3) KP

It’s been an especially impressive run for TeamRankings, who has 2 first-place finishes and 3 second-place finishes, while never finishing in last.

The full results (Google spreadsheet) can be viewed by clicking here.

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