Conference Tournament Predictions 2018 – Early Results

As I’ve done for most of the last few seasons (I missed 2014 for some reason), I’m tracking conference tournament predictions between Ken Pomeroy, Team Rankings, and myself. In the previous 4 years I’ve tracked, Team Rankings has 2 victories to 1 each for both KenPom and my own predictions.

Now that all the conference tournament fields have been set, here are the full predictions for all 3 systems this year (with results through Sunday): predictions. I discuss the scoring system in this post, but essentially for each team result that actually happens (e.g. Loyola wins the MVC, Indiana loses in the 2nd Round, etc.) we grade the predictions based on how likely they thought that result was to happen, punishing predictions more severely the less likely a system predicted it to happen.

In the early going, it’s my Predict the Madness system that is off to a strong start, but there are still a lot of games to be played as the majority of conferences will kick off tournament play this week. I’ll be back early next week with the final results.

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