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What do QBs control?

*UPDATE: Dan in the comments correctly points out that the numbers I listed are actually double what they should be. All the attempt numbers should be cut in half. Thanks, Dan.* On September 7, 2008, rookie Matt Ryan made his … Continue reading

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What has more influence: Offense or Defense?

With the Super Bowl less than a day away, there is no shortage of information, opinions, and statistics floating around pertaining to the big game. You’ll certainly hear about how Pittsburgh’s pass defense needs to slow down Aaron Rodgers and the … Continue reading

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Quick Slant: Descriptive versus Predictive

This is the first of my posts that I’ll call “Quick Slants”. These posts will be short and to the point, sometimes discussing a current event, a hot topic, or just a random topic I’m interested in. In this post, I … Continue reading

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Rush/Pass Distribution and Drive Success, Part 1

When evaluating a team’s offense, two of the most important statistics are Yards Per Rush and Yards Per Pass. Put simply, you want to know how many yards, on average, calling a rushing or a passing play will net you. … Continue reading

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The Championship Myth

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Colts fan. I love Peyton Manning. Conversely, I’m not particularly fond of the Patriots or Tom Brady. Because of this, I thought that this would be a good time to discuss what I call “The … Continue reading

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